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European Grading S.L / Indufret S.L
Avda.Comte Serrallo, 83
46250 L’Alcudia(Valencia) - SPAIN
WhatsApp(Only): +34 657 410 563


What is European Grading?


After more than two years of development, we can say that European Grading comes true. We are a 100% European corporation which satisfy and meet the demands of our customers.

Devoted to certifying and grading MTG cards, our goal is to increase customers profits adding value to your collection or card trades. We provide a quality service based on the satisfaction.

European Granding`s vision, it is to become the European market leader, remaining in continuous growth and development, always we ensure excellent service to our customers, so we are defined under the slogans:

  • We are... (European collectible cards world)
  • You are (Collectors, Future Collectors and people that love this wonderful TCG collectibles world)
  • The Future (Both, we and you have in our hands the European’s card collectibles world. Investing in this and doing things well, card collectibles will be more appreciated in Europe. You and we can build a best future for everybody.

We would like everybody to follow our Slogan's principles and values.

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